Patagonia Gravel Ride Recap

Patagonia Gravel Ride Recap

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unnamedLast year Sabino Cycles had a small contingent head out to the Chino Grinder and tested out their dirt road skills. This year we have quite a few more preparing for the event and on Sunday, February 7th, they went on 49 mile gravel ride adventure south of Patagonia with 40 of those miles on pristine gravel roads in the San Rafael Valley.

The group of 10 took the back roads south of Patagonia all the way south to the ghost town of Lochiel, where a good Samaritan gave them a case of cold bottled water. They rested and drank some water up against the Mexican-American border, enjoying the perfect riding weather.unnamed(1)

Soon after leaving Lochiel, the group began a long climb towards Patagonia, cresting the hills overlooking the San Rafael Valley where they stopped to take another rest and enjoy the view. Even Steve getting the days only flat tire couldn’t deflate everyone’s spirits. They booted the hole and continued on their way, enjoying the beautiful rolling terrain that you don’t ever get to see from the paved roads.

All told, our adventurous group of 10 riders, some on mountain bikes, others on gravel specific rigs, traveled 49 miles over three and a half hours. Everyone agreed it was quite the adventure and that they would be back. This ride reminds us all of what makes cycling so great. It is the sense of adventure, the limitless exploration, and the ability to enjoy all the beauty Arizona has to offer.

Check out Steve’s ride over on Strava. While you are there, join the Sabino Cycles Strava page and check out what your fellow riders are up to.


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